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VIVID is a fast-growing company that delivers quality and performance to our clients. We offer an unparalleled growth opportunity for those willing to work at their greatest potential. Great minds require unlimited growth potential, and we’re searching for the best thinkers, strategists, creatives, and builder’s.

Giving value to the world

We’re not a large corporation. We’re agile, we adapt real-time,  and operate through quality management systems, project management systems, and thoroughly streamlined operations. Apply if you can handle a fast-paced work environment that requires prioritization of tasks, meeting quality & performance standards, and take on a key role in the organization. The world is advancing at a fast pace those able to adapt to market changes continue reading. Leaders with a technology, business, and marketing background apply. Visionary thinkers who can innovate, create, and build should apply. Must be able to problem-solve, execute on complex solutions, and be self-motivated and a self-starter.


Open Positions

We’re currently hiring 1099 based contractors with performance incentives. Operations are busy, and the teamwork is great. Business leaders who want more meaning in their work and greater ability to influence change. These positions will transition into a W-2 position with great benefits and a fast-paced career with unlimited growth potential. Any position will be a key part of our organization with great potential for an exhilarating career and great potential customizing your career path with us.

Brand-Builders, & Visionaries

Design & Content Specialists

Web Developer - UX & IX Designer, Front-End Design
Content Writer & Strategist

High Growth Opportunity

Key Positions Available

Sales & Outbound Executive


Project & Quality Executive


Project Manager


Key Positions

Executive Leadership

VP of Sales & Customer Acquisition


VP of Creative & Customer Engagement


VP of Operations & Customer Experience


VP of Technology & User Experience


Perks & Benefits

Competitive Performance Pay

Accelerated Career & Meaning of Work

Remote & Office Work

Targeted Bonus Program

Yearly Company Outting

Give Value To The World

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