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Frequently Asked Questions

Our answers to the questions most commonly asked

General Questions

What businesses do you work with?
Vivid Emerald works with businesses large and small. Whether your a small business looking to gain an audience or a multi-national brand launching new products and need on-going marketing for the long-term. We have the passion & experience required to see your product launch through for a successful campaign.
What services does VIVID provide?
Our specific services are covered in the navigation menu at the top. In a general sense we provide search engine optimization, pay-per-click, social media, content marketing, reputation management, and web development. We help brands meet their needs of connecting to their target audience, deliver a powerful message, and turn that engagement with their audience into meaningful relationships that benefit both their audience and their company for the long-term. Businesses now-a-days need a personalized approach that is everywhere their audience is. We provide a thorough analysis, a well developed strategy, and a value-driven approach that meets all your expectations for a company to thrive.
What is your pricing model?
Each project is unique. We model our pricing on the needs of each individual business. Each campaign is different and individual pricing can be met to the campaigns unique expectations and scope of work. There is great value in a month-to-month model we offer on our pages for those looking to grow at an increasing rate every month. Our monthly pricing models you see listed are not contract based and never will be, the price can be locked in for reoccurring customers who enjoy the growth and value our monthly options provide. Many companies need help with projects we’re happy to help per project you can contact us for a custom quote pertaining to that unique project. Contact us today and we can discuss your project in more detail!
Do you work with other agencies?

Yes! We work with other agencies and believe consulting and specializations of other companies offers many benefits. If you’re not equipped to handle a project or need to find solutions for a client please reach out to us on the Contact Us page.

What competitive advantage does VIVID provide?

Our greatest competitive advantage is our communication efficiency, quality management, business intuition, and strategic knowledge of markets, finance, and technology. Our internal operations enables us to work real-time with your company at any given time & produce unparalleled results. We offer the experience & knowledge of a larger company at a competitive price without the expensive overhead fees.Our quality & performance ability and goal to offer companies the best experience is what makes our agency the go-to for many companies. Become a partner today at our Contact Us page. 

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